How to casual carpool

Learn how to get in the carpool lane and across the bridge an average of 20 minutes faster, 5 days a week!

Morning commmute (East Bay to SF)

  1. Arrive at nearest location ~6am-9am, Monday through Friday, at posted locations
  2. Wait in line, the line starts at carpool sign
  3. Form 3 person carpools, if there is only one car in line, more than three is ok
  4. Use Carpool Lane at toll
  5. Form a carpool, use Fastrak to drive in the carpool lane through the toll plaza. Save 20-40 minutes!
  6. Drop off at Fremont and Howard Street, Be safe getting out of the car. Congrats, you made it!

Evening return trip (dependent on route)

  1. If desired, return in the evening, use the carpool lane on Bryant Street after forming your carpool. Note that not all East Bay locations have a return trip available.
  2. Drop off at the AM location you picked up passengers at, Be safe, respectful and communicate!
  3. Share the word with others. As more riders and drivers join the system becomes more reliable.

Before you try it out read the etiquette, please.

Find the nearest morning pickup location.