Treat riders and drivers how you would want to be treated. No food, loud music, cell phone calls, etc.


Riders, only get in vehicles if you feel the situation is safe. Drivers, be safe when in line, while driving, and during pickup.


Be friendly with other riders but know when they're looking for a quiet ride. If you're new to the system, ask others how it works. Over-communicate and you'll avoid confusion!

3 Person Minimum

Drivers should have at least 2 passengers to meet the High Occupancy Vehicle 3 Person minimum. If no cars are behind you in line, feel free to take additional passengers.

First come, first served

Both riders and drivers should follow the 'first come, first served' policy at lines. Don't jump ahead of others, these lines move pretty quick.

$ Optional - Depending on Driver

Drivers should communicate to the passengers before they enter the vehicle if they would like a small $ contribution to cover their expenses (usually $1).